How to clean leather sofas naturally – all solutions and tips

How do you clean leather sofas naturally? Cleaning a leather sofa requires sensitivity and very special ingredients. To avoid the risk of damaging the surface, avoid using abrasive or aggressive products. It’s best to opt for environmentally friendly and gentle solutions such as water and baking soda.

Cleaning leather sofas naturally is certainly a sensible decision from both an ecological and economic point of view. Thanks to some ingredients such as water, vinegar and cleaning milk, you can maintain your sofa and leather surfaces in general without risking damaging them and without spending your money on products that are often polluting and not very friendly to the environment.

If you have a leather sofa at home, you will have already noticed that this material is very durable and quite easy to care for, but also requires a little more care than a normal sofa made of washable fabric.

Additionally, if you inherited a beautiful leather sofa from your great-great aunt, this piece of furniture probably needs a little more care and moisture to return it to its former glory.

How do you treat a leather sofa?
Before you resort to sponges and cleaning products (all-natural), it’s helpful to understand how to treat a leather sofa.

As mentioned earlier, this material is both durable and delicate. For this reason, we advise you not to use aggressive products or scouring pads to clean the sofa. You can only remove dust with a soft brush or a slightly damp cloth.

Also remember not to expose the sofa to heat sources or direct sunlight, otherwise the leather could be damaged and even lose its natural color. However, in specialized stores you can find dozens of products for cleaning leather sofas, cream solutions, pastes for applying to the surface or aerosol cans.

But what about ecological cleaning? What can I use to clean the leather sofa, perhaps without putting even more strain on our planet? Let’s find out now.

5 Solutions to Clean Leather Sofas Naturally
If you also prefer ecological solutions when cleaning your home, we have put together a series of “green” ideas for caring for your leather sofa.

So let’s see what Mother Nature’s closet has to offer to keep your sofa effortlessly soft and pristine.

Damp cloth
Let’s start with a super simple and super “eco-friendly” daily cleaning method. To clean your sofa, simply dampen a microfiber cloth with plain water (preferably deionized water), wring it well, and wipe the surface.


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To avoid stains, wipe it with a dry cloth afterwards and you’re done.

Clean leather sofa with baking soda
To remove bad smells from the sofa, simply pour baking soda on the surface, leave it to act for about a quarter of an hour (without rubbing so as not to scratch the sofa) and then remove it. “Remove and smell!”

For this procedure, add a few drops of Marseille soap to a basin filled with water, dip a soft sponge in it, wring it well and rub it on the affected area. Then dry with a soft cloth and you’re done!

Cleansing milk
This ingredient not only helps you clean your sofa naturally, but also helps rehydrate the surface, leaving it soft and long-lasting.

In this case, simply put some make-up remover milk on a cloth and work it into the leather. Then remove excess cleaning milk with a damp but well-wrung cloth and dry with a soft cloth. And now, voila!

How do you clean a very dirty leather sofa?
Although we have the makeup remover milk on hand, know that adding a small amount of vinegar to the product will give you a perfect stain remover for your sofa.

Simply apply the mixture to the stained area and pat (without rubbing) until the stain disappears completely.

vegetable oil
Finally, to remove stains and soften the skin, you can also use proven natural remedies such as vegetable oils (e.g. olive oil or coconut oil).

This remedy is helpful in removing scratches and stains. Put a few drops of oil on a cotton pad, massage the surface and admire the result!

We have seen how to clean the leather sofa using baking soda, oil, cleansing milk and other natural remedies. Before we get to the heart of the matter, we would like to remind you to consult your dealer for the exact techniques to clean your sofa (methods and remedies may vary depending on the type of leather).

In addition, we recommend testing the ingredients in a hidden place on the couch to choose the most suitable natural remedy.