How do you repair a shoe sole?

Have you been disappointed by the soles of your shoes? No panic! With friction and wear and tear, shoes can become damaged… But it is not necessary to throw them away or hire a shoemaker. There is a solution to repair your shoes and your cracked sole! Give them a second life…
How do you repair a torn or cracked shoe sole?
Broken base
There are a number of shoe repair tips that can save you valuable dollars from the shoemaker! We bring the following ingredients:

Strong glue, great glue
Thin rubber soles
Glazed paper (by the way, great for removing limescale from the bathroom glass door)
A cutter
Protective gloves
How are you?

First, both sides of the cracked area are cleaned first. So the whole sole.
Apply a thin layer of glue to the cracked area, being careful not to touch the glue with your hands.
Both sides of the sole are forcibly crushed to close the cracked area.
Press the sole
Hold this position for a few seconds and then release.
Allow the glue to dry completely for 40 minutes
The surface of the shoe sole and rubber soles is smoothed with sandpaper.
Grinding the sole
Once everything is smoothed out, a thin layer of adhesive is applied to the previously damaged soles and to the new rubber soles.
Let it rest for 40 minutes and then apply a second layer of adhesive.
Let’s wait another 20 minutes.
Attach the sole
The rubber sole is then attached to the shoe.
Close sole
Let the shoe rest for 4 hours.
Polish the sole
Use a cutter to cut off the excess of the sole. We sand the edges with sandpaper and you’re done!
How do you glue the sole of a shoe?
Have the soles of your shoes or sneakers come off? Here too the trick is even easier than the previous one.

How are you?

First the soles are cleaned. This is a step that is always preferable before starting to repair a shoe! You can opt for wipes, a special leather and suede cleaner, a disinfectant spray, or just soap and water. This way you remove residue and dirt before repairing the shoe. Allow to air dry.
Then widen the sole of the shoes slightly and put some super glue peanuts the size of a pea in it.
Then squeeze the shoe and sole together for 1 minute or longer.
All you have to do is let it dry overnight to ensure that the shoe is firmly attached to the sole. Even better, hold both in place with a heavy object.
As you can see, there are different ways to renew your shoes and increase their durability. Difficult at first, these tips are easily accessible to most of us. We don’t miss anything when we try them! Have you ever thought about throwing them away because of a cracked or distant sole? Now you know what to do.