How long can I leave my laundry in the washing machine?

When it comes to cleaning laundry, we often think that the hardest part is choosing colors and fabrics. And as soon as the clothes are in the car, we sigh a lot. It is finished! Now we can take care of our business or sleep well. And strangely enough, sometimes after a few hours or the next day when you take them out of the car, you notice an unpleasant musty smell coming from your clothes. Where do you think it comes from? But there is no secret. The longer the laundry stays damp in the basket, the more damage it will cause. Why is it absolutely necessary to change this bad habit? We explain.
Can you leave your laundry wet in the washing machine overnight?
We’ve all had this experience (and not just once!): We throw a last-minute laundry into the washing machine at night. Then, the next morning, we realize that we have completely forgotten about the laundry that is still wet in the basket. The problem, besides the bad smell, is that not all of the damage caused is suspected.

Laundry that smells bad
However, regardless of the model, washing machines, from the oldest to the most modern, wear out quickly, especially if they are not properly maintained. Still, don’t say you didn’t know, as producers have long warned us not to look into it. Repeated abuse only reduces their performance and limits their lifespan.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? Of course, but it’s also important to understand that everyone has their own habits when it comes to laundry. They are not necessarily good, but since there is nothing to report, we continue the same gestures.

Even if your washing machine seems to be working normally, you will feel the difference, especially in the medium / long term. Furthermore, this habit of leaving your clothes in the basket is anything but trivial. Of course, it is reassuring to know that the laundry has been washed well and that it is safe in the appliance.

A few more hours or less, it’s not so bad, that’s what you tell yourself, right? That being said, the mere fact of clothes remaining wet in the washing machine can significantly impact their durability and proper functioning over time. Not to mention the fact that moisture causes mold to form on the fibers of the fabric. Hence that indelible smell that stings your eyes and makes you wash your clothes a second time. A lovely waste of time, energy and money!