How to care for and clean bags so they last for years: 3 infallible tricks

Bags are one of the most popular and frequently used accessories, as well as one of the most important parts of our outfit. Our favorite bag is not only an inseparable companion, but also tends to age and break quickly if not cared for properly.

Whether made of faux leather, plastic or real leather: bags need to be protected throughout their entire lifespan and can last for many years if the necessary precautions are taken.

Below we propose three infallible tricks to protect and care for our favorite bags so that they last for many years. Use the tricks regularly to keep bags looking new, regardless of their age.

Store bags in a bag

It may seem like obvious advice, but it’s no coincidence that all high-quality bags are sold together with a protective bag.

To adequately protect the bags, use a cotton bag: it is important to keep away dust, which can damage the external surfaces.

Fill the bags with baking paper

If you need to store your bags for a long time, it is ideal to fill them with baking paper to prevent deformation.

Do not use other types of paper such as newspapers or magazines as the ink may stain the inside of the bags.

Do not stack bags

Layering bags only encourages deformation, sometimes even permanent and irreparable deformation.

Store bags neatly, preferably on a shelf or shelf, so that they retain their original shape.

Protect bags from rain

You can use a special splash guard that repels water to protect your bags from rain or other liquids.

If a bag gets wet, dry it immediately with a cotton cloth. Do not use a hairdryer at all.

To keep the bags clean, use a damp cloth and do not rub hard. Once dry, apply a leather moisturizer if your bag is made of natural leather. Make sure you do this once or twice a year.