The best homemade trick to clean your TV, computer or cell phone screen (without scratching them)

Electronic screens , be it a smart TV, a laptop or a latest generation mobile phone, are very susceptible to scratches and breaks when cleaning. Their protection depends not only on how often or how you clean them, but also on the type of product you use.

For this reason, we recommend you a very effective DIY trick to clean and disinfect electronic screens in an economical, ecological way and without scratching them. To prepare the remedy we only use ingredients that are accessible to everyone: distilled water and isopropyl alcohol .

Technology is improving our quality of life enormously, but screens made of thick and durable glass are a thing of the past. Modern televisions have very thin screens, while the screens of the latest generation of computers and cell phones are hypersensitive even to touch.

To clean screens, you will need distilled water, isopropyl alcohol, and a microfiber cloth.

In a small container with a spray diffuser, add two equal parts distilled water and isopropyl alcohol (e.g. 20 ml alcohol and 20 ml distilled water), then shake well to mix the ingredients. The electronic screen cleaner is ready !

Follow these simple instructions to clean your TV or laptop screen .

Turn off the TV.
Dampen the cloth with freshly prepared cleaner made from distilled water and isopropyl alcohol.
Run the cloth over the entire TV screen, always from bottom to top, but without applying too much pressure.
To clean the screen of a cell phone or tablet, it is not necessary to turn off the devices, but be sure to apply a smaller amount of cleaner. Cleaning cell phone and tablet screens should be done even more frequently as they are carried around and are more susceptible to the buildup of bacteria.