How to clean and degrease glass with talcum powder without leaving streaks

Cleaning windows is one of the most difficult household tasks: even a small stain or using the wrong product is enough to make you have to do the job all over again . Not to mention the very annoying halos that are sometimes impossible to avoid.

When cleaning windows , we usually use specific industrial products that, although effective, are full of toxic substances, such as ammonia, which is certainly not good for your health or the environment. Another factor that should not be underestimated is the cost of these products.

However, few people know that it is possible to clean windows using very simple ingredients available to everyone, which are completely harmless and equally effective.

This is the case of talcum powder , which is very useful in completely different areas, to clean and degrease glass without leaving streaks . Baby powder can be used on mirrors as well as window or car glass.

Applying talcum powder is easy: just put a small amount on a microfiber cloth or absorbent paper and spread it over the entire surface of the glass.

Grease and dirt dissolve immediately and the glass remains absolutely clean and grease-free. Baby powder absorbs grease and removes dirt , leaving the mirror or glass looking like new again.