How to clean and polish a parquet floor with natural ingredients

Wooden floors are beautiful and give our homes an extra touch of elegance. Without forgetting the antique ones that, in addition to the aesthetic aspect, often also have sentimental and historical value. However, keeping your hardwood floor clean and shiny is not easy.

To clean parquet, specific detergents are almost always used which, although effective, are certainly not cheap. Among other things, being loaded with chemicals, they are not safe for us or our loved ones.

Below we offer you some tips and natural methods to keep your parquet floor very clean and polish it until it returns exactly its original appearance.

Use a vacuum cleaner   . To clean natural wood floors we recommend starting by vacuuming. The less water you use, the less damage your floor will have.

Vinegar and oil for polishing   . To thoroughly clean parquet you can use a special natural combination that seems to be made especially for this type of floor: vinegar and oil.

Vinegar is perfect for disinfecting, degreasing and protecting parquet floors. Pour half a glass of vinegar into a bucket full of water and remember to wring the cloth or mop well before cleaning the floor with it. This way you will avoid excess moisture in the parquet and will leave it brighter.

If the parquet is oiled, the ideal is to use a low pH detergent, with water at room temperature, and clean with a well-wrung cloth. This type of floor should be left to dry naturally, perhaps keeping balconies and windows open.

Olive oil and tea tree oil can also be of great help. Applied with a clean cloth they will allow us to return the wood to its original appearance.

Paper and talcum powder to remove stains   . Grease, oil or ink stains on parquet floors can be very difficult to remove. You can use paper towels or soak the stain in talcum powder. If you decide to go with the latter option, let the talcum powder sit on the stain for at least 24 hours before vacuuming and removing the residue.

Solid wax or polishing oil   . Natural wood floors should be waxed at least once a month. The ideal solution is to pour solid wax or, alternatively, an oil onto a cotton cloth and wipe it over the floor.