How to clean and shine marble naturally: tips and tricks to maintain it correctly

How to clean marble naturally? To clean marble you can use baking soda, Marseille soap, ash and other products that will help keep your floors and countertops clean and shiny.

As part of our section dedicated to ecological and environmentally friendly cleaning, today we want to discover how to clean and revitalize marble naturally, without using expensive supermarket products that are often harmful to the environment, but also to our pocket. .

Marble is an elegant natural stone, very durable but also very delicate. Due to its aesthetic qualities and robustness, it is undoubtedly one of the most used materials for floors, countertops, cutting boards, tables, kitchen or bathroom countertops.

Although it is, therefore, a stone widely used both indoors and outdoors, being a porous material, marble is also sensitive and delicate, so it is necessary to know how to clean it correctly, without running the risk of damaging it.

It is not uncommon for marble surfaces to be irremediably stained by detergents that are too aggressive and unsuitable for this type of surface, but also by seemingly harmless substances such as fruit juice, lemon, coffee, water, bleach or even water. In short, if you have marble surfaces in your home, it is good to know how to clean them to preserve their shine and natural beauty.

In this article we will see 4 ways to clean marble naturally, obviously without the risk of damaging it.

4 methods to clean marble naturally

As we have already mentioned, to care for marble you must first know which ingredients and natural remedies can improve its appearance and which, on the other hand, risk damaging the surface.

For example, vinegar, milk, citric acid and lemon are remedies that should be avoided when cleaning marble, as they risk irreparably damaging the material.

Green light, on the other hand, to ingredients like baking soda and pumice stone.

Marseille soap

A mild soap, such as Marseille soap, for example, will be useful for removing stains from marble. Mix a small amount of soap with normal water, wipe the surface, rinse, and then dry with a delicate cloth (a microfiber or wool cloth will also work) to preserve the shine of the marble.

Clean marble with baking soda

Wondering how to clean marble with baking soda? It’s simple: you can remove stubborn stains by creating a gentle but effective paste.

Mix baking soda and water until you obtain a very soft and fluid paste, then apply it to the areas to be treated, rub gently, rinse and dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Ash to clean marble naturally

Ash is not only useful in the garden, as a natural fertilizer for plants, but it can also work miracles inside the house.

To polish marble, moisten a sponge and add a small amount of Marseille soap, then pour a little ash and rub over the area to be treated. Then simply rinse and dry as usual.

pumice stone powder

Lastly, a well-known remedy for cleaning stained marble is pumice stone.

Yes, this substance can also leave us with impeccable floors and surfaces. In this case we will use pumice stone powder and a damp sponge. As we saw in the case of ash, simply cover the sponge with pumice stone powder and apply it to the stain using light circular movements. Let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse the surface and dry as usual. Whatever remedy you choose, remember to test it first on a small part of the surface, preferably in a hidden place, to understand how the marble reacts and possibly avoid damaging it.