How nice is it to always  have bright and super clean mirrors in which we can reflect our image  without seeing halos and spots?  Very very much!

It’s a shame, however, that they  get stained easily,  especially when it comes to  bathroom mirrors  where condensation accumulates.

For this reason, today we will see together how to  clean mirrors  using just a natural remedy!

What will you discover?

How do you

The remedy we want to tell you about  is talcum powder  , the white powder usually   used to soothe children’s skin . In fact, this product has a strong   absorption and cleaning effect   , making it effective for removing stains and halos on mirrors. So equip yourself with:

  • 2 tablespoons of talcum powder
  • 700 ml warm water

First, pour the water into a measuring cup, then add the   talcum powder  and mix until  completely dissolved.  Now pour the resulting mixture into   a spray bottle,  shake it vigorously to mix the ingredients again and  spray the mixture on the mirrors.

Then leave everything  on for 5 minutes before gently rubbing with a microfiber cloth,   making circular movements  , especially in the areas where the spots and halos  are most concentrated.  Finally, all you have to do is dry it thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth and   your mirrors will shine!

For heavily soiled mirrors, you can also combine talcum powder with vinegar by adding  2 tablespoons of talcum powder to a jug with 350 ml of water and 350 ml of white vinegar.   In fact, vinegar is considered a natural polishing agent that  can also make kitchen steel shine!

Speaking of which, here’s  a video  where you can see  how to do it step by step!

More tricks to make mirrors shine

In addition to the remedies we have seen so far, there are  other remedies  that can make your mirrors shine. Let’s see them together!

Marseille soap

Let’s start with an ingredient you’re probably familiar with:  Marseille soap  . In fact, it has very fine cleaning and degreasing properties. Not surprisingly, it  is the base ingredient for making DIY stain remover!

All you have to do is put a few   flakes of Marseille soap   in a basin filled with water and then   dip a soft microfiber cloth into it.  Now make several circular movements  over the surface of the mirror  and dry it carefully with a dry cloth:  your mirrors will be cleaner than ever  !

Yellow soap

Like Marseille soap,  yellow soap  is  a product with strong stain-removing properties, able to remove dirt accumulated on mirrors and give them shine. We remind you that   polishing the hob into a mirror is also a godsend!

Therefore, in 1 liter of warm water, pour   1 tablespoon of these soap flakes  , then dip a soft sponge in the mixture thus obtained and wipe it over the mirror. At this point all you have to do is rinse with   a cloth soaked in water  and dry gently with a dry cloth. 


Finally, let’s look at one last trick that  involves using cornstarch,  which has strong absorbent properties. Not surprisingly, it  ‘s also a godsend when it comes to absorbing stains on fabrics.

To use it on mirrors, you must therefore  add a glass of vinegar and two tablespoons  of cornstarch to 1 liter of water, mix everything well to facilitate the dissolution of the starch and  pour the mixture thus obtained into a spray bottle.

Then spray on the mirrors  , wipe with a sponge and rinse with a damp cloth. Finally, dry thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth  and your mirrors will shine!  This remedy is particularly indicated for mirrors with  caked on shower gel, toothpaste  or make-up stains.