How to clean the mascara wand and how to reuse it


Mascara is usually applied after eyebrow and eyeshadow makeup to complete the eye look . Some women prefer to use an eyelash primer before applying mascara , to ensure longer life and intensity of the product.

To apply mascara, start from the root of the lashes and work towards the tips. With light movements, comb the eyelashes so as to distribute the product evenly. It is possible to apply multiple layers to obtain an even more intense and voluminous effect.

Mascara has the power to open and give depth to the gaze. The eyelashes appear longer, thicker and curved, giving the look charm and seduction. Furthermore, it can also be used to correct small defects or characteristics of the eyelashes, such as straight, short or not very thick eyelashes.

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The perfect method for a clean and sanitized mascara wand

As mentioned previously, to apply it correctly the secret lies in the brush. This accessory must be clean to ensure perfect and uniform application . After each application it is important to remove the excess color by rubbing it on the inside edge of the tube or removing it with a paper tissue.

Once unloaded, you will have to pass it through tissue paper and move it back and forth to ensure that the dried residues come off. Then, prepare a glass of hot water, immerse the pipe cleaner and wait for the lumps to come off.

At this point, empty the water from the glass and fill it again but with denatured alcohol which, in addition to removing residues, will sanitize the pipe cleaner well. Leave it to soak for a few minutes, remove it from the container and let it dry thoroughly before placing it back in the mascara container.