How to wash shoes in the washing machine without risking deforming them

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The correct way to wash your shoes in the washing machine without damaging them

First of all, before putting them in the washing machine, you will have to pay attention to the composition of the shoes. It is obvious that if there are beads or raised embroidery , this washing method may not be recommended. If you belong to the category of people who stick them inside the appliance with all the laces , you should know that this move could be harmful, as the laces could get tangled and damage the shoe.


For safe and efficient washing, the right thing to do is to always remove them . Before moving on to the washing cycle, also remove the insoles and scrub them with a toothbrush. If the shoes to be washed are made of white canvas and perhaps have stubborn stains, before putting them in the washing machine, rub them with water and Marseille soap.

As regards the washing cycle , it is advisable to use the delicate cycle or in any case with temperatures lower than 30 degrees. Furthermore, to prevent your shoes from being damaged by banging against the basket, you can close them in a laundry bag or in a pillowcase.

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Once the washing is finished, don’t entertain the idea of ​​putting them in the dryer . Shoes should be dried naturally. If you then want to speed up the drying process, you can use an old grandmother’s trick. All you have to do is place some newspaper inside your shoes. The sheets will help eliminate excess moisture , allowing it to dry faster.