Imagine walking from one  room to another in your home and being overwhelmed by a sweet and pleasant  scent  that gives you a feeling of pleasant calm for a few moments.

It’s not a dream and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve this result! All you need is a little imagination and a few  natural  ingredients to   make a different perfumer for each room of the house .

Let’s see together  how to do it  .

What will you discover?

Living room

The  living room  is the place to chat with guests but also to relax.

For this environment, often larger than the others, a  long-lasting  perfumer is  required, whose notes are not overly intense and have an  elegant  tone. That’s why our suggestion is to prepare a simple but effective  potpourri  .

The preparation is not complicated at all and you can vary the ingredients according to your taste. The classic ones are made from  rose petals  ,  citrus peel  (lemon, orange or tangerine),  aromatic herbs  and  cinnamon sticks  . Everything  dried thoroughly  : To do this, simply leave them in the sun on the hottest days.

Once you have all the dried ingredients, place them in a  bowl  and place on a shelf or coffee table. If you wish, you can enhance the scent of the  potpourri  by dripping a few drops of a  fragrant essential oil  into the bowl.

A simple, quick, but extremely effective alternative is to  add  some rose petals to a pot of hot water  to  infuse, bring to a boil for 15 minutes  , allow to cool, and then store the mixture in a closed container for an entire night.

In the morning, add  a few drops of perfumed essential oil  and spray the mixture  on the living room curtains  : these will absorb the smell and distribute it throughout the room for a long time.


Now let’s move on to the kitchen, where the smells of food are often in the air and create a somewhat stale atmosphere.

The air freshener we offer is based on  sage  : the leaves of this  aromatic plant  can not only flavor our dishes but also perfume our rooms.

All you have to do is   take  3-4 leaves of this plant, put them in a pot of water and bring   to a boil on the stove  . A few minutes after boiling, you will immediately notice a slightly  pungent  but at the same time  delicate  scent  . Now turn off the flame and let the  fragrant steam  spread throughout the kitchen.

Sage has a strong smell that can mask even the most intense smells of food being prepared in the kitchen. You can also add a few  cloves  to the pot to sweeten the notes a bit.

All you have to do is repeat this simple process, of course with new leaves whenever you want: the smell of sage stays in the room for many hours  , sometimes even  days  .


The bathroom is the place in the house where it is most necessary  to keep away bad smells  and always maintain a delicate scent.

The most suitable perfumer is based on  sodium bicarbonate  : this substance actually has the ability  to absorb bad smells   .

All  you need to do is get a medium sized bowl,   fill  it with 4-5 tablespoons of baking soda, and  pour 5-6 drops  of a fragrant  essential oil on top.

In this way you get a double result: the perfumer  eliminates  bad  smells  and spreads a pleasant perfume.  Our advice is  to use an essential oil with a mint scent if you love fresh scents,  rose  if you prefer classic notes and slightly romantic tones, or  sandalwood  if you have a preference for woody scents.


After a hard day at work or in stressful everyday life, there is nothing better than lying comfortably in bed and… breathing in the scent of the bedroom!

For this room we offer you the scent of  lavender  , which, according to many experts, promotes sleep, relaxation and serenity.

All you have to do is   let  the lavender flowers dry in the sun (or, if you prefer, you can buy them already dried),  put them in a cloth bag closed with a ribbon at the top, and leave it to put something around.

If you want, you can also   put  them in the wardrobe to perfume your clothes  .