With  the arrival of summer  and hot days, we all plan  to go to the beach  to cool off and stay away from the city.

Our allies in these  “excursions outside the city  ” are certainly the  plastic containers  that we carry in the  thermal bag to preserve food  .

But let’s be honest: these tend to  suck up all the dirt straight away  and leave stains that aren’t easily removed. In this regard, today we will see together how to  quickly degrease greasy containers!

What will you discover?


The first remedy we suggest is to use   vinegar  , an ingredient known for its stain-removing and descaling properties.

Then all you have to do is   pour half the vinegar and half the water   into a basin and then immerse your greasy and dirty containers in the resulting mixture for about  2 hours   or overnight. Then continue with normal washing, scrub the grease stains vigorously and…  your containers will be degreased in no time!


Like vinegar, baking soda also has  a   slightly abrasive effect that    can remove incrustations and grease stains . In addition, it has a deodorizing effect that makes all bad odors accumulated in the containers disappear. Not surprisingly,  it is also used to remove odors from the refrigerator!

In this case, it is therefore enough to prepare a bicarbonate paste by mixing about  four tablespoons of bicarbonate   with water and rubbing this mixture   on the containers with a sponge or toothbrush.  Then leave it to act for a few hours before proceeding to wash the containers together, preferably with an ecological dishwashing detergent or with Marseille soap and yellow soap: goodbye to grease stains   !

Marseille salt and soap

Marseille soap  is suitable not only for final washing, but also for removing fatty deposits in your containers, provided that it is combined with another pantry ingredient that you will certainly have at home: salt  .

While salt,  on the one hand, is actually able to  absorb dirt and deodorize,  Marseille soap, on the other hand, is excellent for degreasing and perfuming! In fact, we remind you that it is  from this ingredient that the universal do-it-yourself degreaser is made!

Add a   spoonful of Marseille soap   and two spoonfuls of salt to a bowl of warm water, immerse the   containers in it and let them  soak  for a few hours  . Now rub the stains with a sponge and rinse them:  the grease marks will only remain a bad memory!