How to cure and multiply sansevieria (or mother-in-law’s tongue)

Sansevieria, commonly called “mother-in-law’s tongue,” is one of the most common houseplants in our homes. Known for its incredible hardiness, it is also very decorative and adapts well to almost any indoor environment.

In this article we explain what the main cares of sansevieria are, and how to reproduce it to have it practically forever.

Let’s start by saying that the care that sansevieria needs is very few and very simple. Although it doesn’t look like it, sansevieria is a succulent plant, which is why you need to water it very little.

Also, it does not need much light to grow, and therefore be placed in virtually any corner of the house.

One of the main aspects of caring for sansevieria is watering. Care must be taken not to overdo the watering: too wet soil can cause the plant to rot.

When you overdo the watering, the plant’s first symptom is yellowing of the leaves. If you see that the leaves are turning yellowish, stop watering the sansevieria immediately.

How to reproduce sansevieria
Reproducing sansevieria is also super easy and can be done with a few simple steps.

Use scissors to cut the plant’s leaves into several pieces. To reproduce it, just use a rooting hormone, following the instructions written on the package.

Finally, place the sansevieria leaf pieces directly into the potting soil. After a few weeks, roots will have formed, giving rise to a new plant.