How to dry laundry in winter? Many people make this mistake!

Drying laundry in winter is a challenge, laundry dries longer, especially in rooms where there is no natural air circulation. In this situation, the appearance of mold in the apartment is not difficult. However, there are ways to reduce the amount of humidity that evaporates into the room.

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In winter,  we  tightly close the  windows and doors  of our apartments and houses for fear of even the slightest  heat loss  . However, this does not have a positive effect on  our health  , nor on the  walls of the building itself  . If the weather outside is not favorable, we decide to  dry the laundry indoors,  which  increases the humidity in the air  and encourages the  development of mold. We have  some tips  for you that will help you better manage moisture buildup  .

Dry laundry at home

First of all, we should  decide to  dry laundry at home in winter  only  when  outdoor conditions do not allow us to do anything else  . The season alone  is not a good enough excuse  to hang wet clothes around the room. Below zero temperature  , rain and snowfall  are an obstacle, in other cases  hang them outside  , it will dry a  little longer  , but it will dry for sure.

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Do not overdo it

In winter, it is important to  reduce the amount of laundry. At the same time, let’s throw a  smaller  amount of laundry into the washing machine. Less laundry in the drum  will spin better  and  less moisture  will evaporate  .

Drop the ball

Invest in three  tennis balls  . It’s not a big cost and the balls will come  in handy  . Throw them in the drum with your clothes,  they will break up excess moisture  that might build up  in the corners of fabrics.

Less often

Try to keep space between items when storing laundry. Do not hang laundry  that is too thick  . If you have a small dryer,  wait for one  wash to dry before doing another. A good method is also to  alternately hang: a  chain of shirts, a chain of socks, a chain of pants, a chain of boxers, etc.

Open the window

We know it’s cold… It is recommended to open the window  for 5 minutes immediately after hanging up the laundry. Then the warm air in the apartment will act  like a sponge  , sucking up excess  moisture  and evacuating it outside  .

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From afar

Last and  most important  , and also the most overlooked… Just because it’s hot next to the radiator doesn’t  mean  it’s the best place to hang your laundry. The rapid drying process  is the  rapid evaporation of a large amount of moisture.

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