How to refresh the room with a bottle of water?

In this hot season, many people suffer a lot from the very high temperatures. Of course, it is not very advisable to use the air conditioning 24 hours a day. Not only do you run the risk of having a particularly high electricity bill at the end of the month, but it can also be detrimental to your health very quickly. The idea would be, therefore, to use certain subterfuges to combat the heat without incurring too much expense or catching hay fever. Precisely, we are going to offer you an ideal tip: a simple bottle of water can effectively refresh a living room. Although it sounds incredible, it is a solution that works wonders. You are sure to adopt him until the end of summer!

Refresh the room with a bottle of water.

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Since air conditioning consumes a lot of energy and could significantly increase your monthly bill, many of you will be seduced by the water bottle trick. If you want to avoid health problems and save money, this solution will greatly relieve you.

The process is very simple: simply fill a bottle with tap water and then put it in the freezer for a few hours. Once the water is completely frozen, take out the bottle and place it at the foot of the bed. It will freshen the air you breathe and help you fall asleep faster. Of course, this is only a short-term solution. This method can be rejected even more optimally using a fan. We give you the details in the next paragraph.

NB  : to spend more peaceful nights, experts recommend using the  refrigerator  to cool clothes of bed before going to bed. That’s why they advise putting the pillowcase and sheet in the refrigerator for a while before putting them to bed. The refreshing effect is instant!

Some interesting variants to cool a room with water

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If you don’t have air conditioning at home, you can use this method to cool the room. On the other hand, to apply it you need to have an ordinary  fan . The trick is simple: you have to immerse a cloth or small towel in cold, even ice, water. The ideal is to fill a bowl with water and put some ice cubes in it. Wring out the towel so it is slightly damp, then place it over the fan. Replace it frequently as it dries. Meanwhile, to further cool the room, hang soaked sheets in front of a window. The air currents will be much cooler and a pleasant breeze will enter the room!

Let’s go back to the famous frozen water bottle trick. This time, instead of just placing it at the foot of the bed, you can put it in front of the fan. This way, during its rotation, it will refresh the room much faster. It is a perfect option for bedrooms, especially before bed. Once the temperature has cooled in the room, you can turn off the fan and then place the bottle on the windowsill to retain freshness for longer.

Some tips to keep your home cooler and cope better with the heat

  • In summer, it is always better to have light colors on the walls, because they retain less heat, which will maintain pleasant temperatures in the rooms in particular.
  • It is also advisable to lower the blinds and close the curtains or blinds during the day to avoid the massive intrusion of the sun’s rays and thus keep the rooms cooler.
  • For those who don’t know, green plants not only purify the surrounding air but also have the ability to refresh rooms. You will only have to spray its leaves or wipe with a damp cloth to quickly feel the difference!
  • Be careful with incandescent bulbs which are not energy efficient at all. Instead, opt for light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs, which can also help  cool your home and reduce your energy costs. Of course, when you don’t need it, turn off all lamps or ceiling lights.
  • Due to the summer heat wave, it is difficult to maintain an adequate body temperature to sleep better at night. Furthermore, to face the hottest days, it is important to regulate body temperature by wearing, for example, lighter fabrics or choosing cooler materials for sheets. Cotton, silk, linen and satin are best suited to control body heat and promote restful sleep.