Not just food, during the holidays it is good glass bottles, especially wine ones, that   are consumed the most!

Surely it cannot be missing from a table when we all get together and that is why we have a lot of drinks to throw away afterwards.

What would happen if bottles were reused every day   , reducing plastic waste   ? Let’s see   how to clean them thoroughly so we can reuse them   !

Marseille soap

We can only start our list of tips with   Marseille soap   !

This ingredient is actually a   natural degreaser   and that is why it is used as a main ingredient in eco-friendly and DIY cleaners.

Given its cleaning power, it will also be an excellent solution in case of stuck wine bottles, let’s see how to do it right now!

You will need to cut   1 tablespoon of soap flakes   and put them in the bottle,   then add very hot water   and shake the bottle a few times, then continue to soak for 3 or 4 hours.

After this time, you will only have to shake the bottle again and rinse several times.

Lemon juice

If you don’t have Marseille soap on hand, you can simply use   lemon juice   !

The fantastic citrus in question is   excellent for cleaning and polishing all surfaces   , including glass, making it very suitable in the case of wine bottles for reuse.

Simply fill the bottom of the bottle with   1 glass of lemon juice   and shake vigorously, then always add boiling water and leave it there for a while until the wine is released.

In this step   , rinse and leave the bottle open   so that the lemon aroma mixes well and it will be ready!

Sodium bicarbonate

A natural product always at hand and found in every   piece of furniture is baking soda   !

Whenever there is a small problem to solve, we can be sure that with baking soda we can achieve the goal.

Even in the case of bottles, you can of course take advantage of this by filling the bottle with   2 heaping tablespoons   of product.

The next step is always   to add boiling water   and shake the bottle vigorously, then keep it in place.

Once the necessary time has elapsed, empty the bottle and all the wine will have been released efficiently and quickly!

coffee grains

Did you make a good mocha? Don’t waste your funds   !

These are still used for many things   around the house and in the garden,   so it is always a good idea to conserve them and take advantage of their full potential.

You will only have to   fill the bottle with the funds   and then   pour the hot water   halfway up the bottle.

Let it soak for 4 hours   , shaking the bottle from time to time, then rinse several times to remove all residue and it will be as good as new!

White vinegar

Like baking soda,   white vinegar is also an ingredient always present at home   and very useful in these cases.

Simply heat   2 glasses of vinegar and 1 glass of water   in a saucepan over low heat. When it comes to a boil, it will be necessary to turn off the heat and pour everything into the bottle.

Shake vigorously   to remove residue, then soak for about 3 hours, then rinse several times and store outdoors to remove vinegar smell.

You will see that the bottle will be free of scale!