How to clean the kitchen cabinet of smoke and grease with a single remedy.

In   the kitchen   it is always nice to see, in addition to wooden furniture, a display that is always bright and clean.

However, it is not possible to keep it in perfect condition every day, because many times the   vapors and fat from cooked foods take over it.

Fortunately, in these cases,   a single ingredient is enough to dissolve all the dirt   on the kitchen cabinet, let’s see how to do it together!

Alcohol vinegar

As a first remedy, I offer you one that you will surely have on hand because now it is never missing at home!

I’m talking   about alcohol vinegar   , perfect for having sparkling glasses without too much effort!

So fill a   spray bottle with 3 parts vinegar and 1 part water   , then spray onto the screen and wipe with a soft sponge for better degreasing.

Degrease and dry with a microfiber cloth and you will immediately notice that all the dirt will come off easily!

Baking soda and water

A very simple remedy that you always have a product on hand is   baking soda   !

It has   an abrasive action   that goes perfectly with what we have to do, which is to remove all the dirt and grease from the furniture.

Take   1 tablespoon of baking soda   and mix it   with water to   get a gel-like mixture.

Spread the mixture on a sponge and with the non-abrasive side rub the window until the last stain is removed.

Rinse and enjoy the result!

Lemon juice

What if, in addition to having super clean glass,   we could also have a fantastic perfume?

All you have to do is   strain the lemon juice until the frother   is half full, then add a little water and shake well.

Then proceed   by spraying a good amount of compound on the furniture   and degreasing it with a sponge.

Rinse with plenty of water and dry immediately with a cotton pad…it will look great!

yellow soap

Did you know that   yellow soap   , in addition to looking fantastic in the washing machine, is also perfect   when we are faced with very dirty glass?

Well yes, you can take advantage of this extremely natural and economical product to make your wardrobe look like new in no time!

Take   a ball of soap and spread it on a soft sponge   soaked in warm water, rub it on the window.

You have to be very careful when rinsing because there could be traces of product, since the soap has an oily composition.

Marseille soap

We end our tours with   Marseille soap   , another ingredient that cannot be missing from our call!

To get the most out of it, you just have to   grate a little product all over the   damp sponge, always on the non-abrasive side, and continue washing.

You will smell an intoxicating perfume and the closet will have regained its former splendor!


We recommend testing the remedies first in inconspicuous corners to avoid the risk of staining or scratching the glass.