How to eliminate musty smell in closets

The closet is one of the areas of our home most prone to the   formation of bad odors   . Partly due to lack of air circulation, but also due to poor and sporadic cleaning. The accumulation of moisture causes the formation of bacteria that cause bad odors.

The worst thing is that the classic   musty smell from the closets   ends up settling on the clothes and sheets, and there is nothing more unpleasant than ending up with   clean but stinky clothes   , especially during the changing seasons when you have to deal with dozens of bosses. .

Fortunately, there are simple remedies that allow us to say   goodbye to the musty smell in closets   , and below we suggest the most effective ones.

rice grains

Using grains of rice in cabinets is an ancient trick that helps absorb excess moisture and thus prevent the formation of mold.

Place rice grains in small canvas bags to place in corners or hang in closets. If you don’t have canvas bags, you can put the rice grains in containers without lids.

White vinegar

The antifungal and antibacterial properties of white vinegar make it an excellent remedy against mold and bacteria that cause odor in our closets.

Remove all clothing and bedding from the closet, then wipe all internal surfaces with a cloth soaked in vinegar and allow to dry completely, keeping the closet doors wide open. This will take approximately two hours.

Sodium bicarbonate

It has absorbent and antibacterial properties that will prevent the formation of mold and bacteria on the one hand.

Pour baking soda into burlap bags and hang them in the closet. Alternatively, you can put baking soda on a plate and store it in the cupboard for a few days.


The delicious scent of lavender can help keep closets and clothing free of musty or musty odors.

Lavender neutralizes bad odors and prevents them from accumulating in closed spaces. Place dried lavender flowers in burlap bags and place them in various places in the closet.