How to fix a bag that’s breaking and make it look like new again

leather bag

Bag damaged? Don’t worry, you can repair it with these simple remedies

The bag can represent different things to different women. Some women see it as a simple accessory useful for carrying the personal items they need during the day. Other women, however, may consider the bag as a symbol of social status or fashion, choosing to invest in branded or designer bags

However, with time and wear, both the wallet and the bag may peel and wear . It is certainly not pleasant to carry a ruined accessory with you. If you are fond of your bag and don’t want to throw it away, today we will show you 2 useful remedies to make it look like new again.

How to repair your bag

Materials : EVA rubber or foam rubber, white Resistol or similar glue, fabric paint, brushes, baby powder (talcum powder), transparent nail polish and 1 eyeliner pencil of the same color as the accessory to be repaired.

repair the skin

Trick with Resistol : this first trick is very useful for repairing the inside of the bag. Apply a little glue under the material to be reattached and let it dry. Color the surface with eyeliner the same color as the bag.

At this point apply a second layer of glue and leave to dry for 20 minutes . If you notice that the treated area is lighter than the rest of the fabric, don’t worry because it will return to its original color when it dries.


Trick with Eva rubber or foam rubber : This trick is useful when the bag has a hole, a point where the leather has emptied. Apply a little glue to the area to be treated and fill with EVA rubber or foam rubber. Let it dry and apply fabric paint over it . After 2 hours, spread a layer of white Resistol or transparent nail polish on the surface.

If when it has dried you notice that the repaired part is a little shinier than the rest, you can apply a little talcum powder and remove the excess with a brush.