Effective tricks to get rid of ticks and fleas in your home and garden

fleas and ticks

Are fleas and ticks infesting your home? Follow these simple tricks

Today we are talking about a topic that affects everyone, the presence of fleas and ticks in the home. Today we will show you some home remedies to eliminate them.

These insects are two types of pests that can enter the home and cause nuisance to people and pets.

ticks are insects that belong to the family of Arachnids and they feed on the blood of animals and people. Ticks attach to clothing or animal hair when they enter the home and then move onto the person’s skin. =7> of people.

fleas are insects that belong to the Sifonaptera and feed on the blood of domestic animals such as dogs, birds and cats. They can be carried into the home by clothes , animal fur, carpets and other objects.


How to get rid of ticks and fleas

The first remedy you can use is mint , an excellent insect repellent. Mix 8 drops of mint oil in water, pour everything into a spray bottle and spray the mixture near doors or windows.

Vinegar : Mix one part vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture where necessary.

insect on hand

Sodium bicarbonate : to use this product, simply spread it in the corners and near the doors and windows.

Lavender, eucalyptus and rosemary : these 3 spices have a smell that insects cannot tolerate. To remove them, pour a few drops of one of these oils of your choice with water into a spray container and spray where necessary.

Mint leaves : place them under the mattresses, in the corners or wherever necessary. Their smell will be enough to keep fleas and ticks away.

Cayenne pepper : as happens with the spices we talked about, cayenne pepper also has an odor that is unpleasant to insects.

Cedar bark : this remedy is excellent for exterminating fleas. Place the bark under the mattress, behind the furniture under the beds or wherever needed.