Toned stomach and flat abdomen with exercises on a chair

chair exercises

Slim abdomen with simple home exercises performed with the chair

As we all know, the abdomen is the area of ​​the body where the most fat accumulates. To tone your abdomen you need regular training and a healthy diet.

Today we will see how to tone and slim this area of ​​the body with the help of a chair. To start, get yourself a chair and place it against the wall or bed.

Exercises for a toned abdomen

First exercise : this exercise is very effective for training the lower abdomen. Sit on the edge of the chair with your shoulders slightly slouched and your hands resting on the chair. Now bend your legs and raise them to the height of the chair. Place your legs on the ground again and repeat the exercise 12 times.

belly exercise

Second exercise : This exercise is useful for both the lower and lateral abs. Sit on the back board with your arms towards the back of your head. Bend your right knee and bring your left elbow towards it until it touches it. Repeat 12 times and switch sides.

Third exercise : always on the edge of the chair, abdomen contracted and legs together. Open and close your legs while always keeping your abdominal muscles contracted . Repeat 12 times.

Fourth exercise : in the same position as the previous exercise, lift your bent legs, maintain the position and in the meantime rotate your torso first to the left, then to the right. Perform 12 repetitions.


Fifth exercise : sit on the seat of the chair, lift your bent legs, stretch your arms, bend your torso to the left and then to the right. When you are on the left, the left arm tries to touch the floor and the right the ceiling, when you change sides, the arms do the opposite. Repeat the exercise 12 times.

Sixth exercise : still in the same position, bend your hips to the right and bend forwards and backwards, trying to maintain balance. The abdominal muscles are always contracted. Switch sides and repeat the exercise 12 times.

Seventh exercise : standing, rest your forearms on the chair and stretch your legs forming a diagonal with the body. Lift your left knee towards your right elbow, step up and down. Repeat the same movement with the top knee 12 times each.