How to fold a fitted sheet without ironing it: it takes less than 2 minutes

The fitted sheet, especially if it is a double bed, can be very difficult to fold. Let’s see how to solve the problem.

One of the things we wash most frequently is definitely the fitted sheet. But how do you fold it yourself without ironing?

Fitted sheet: what a fight

Among the things that are washed the most in the washing machine, the fitted sheet stands out. It is a fundamental element of bedding, characterized by its practicality. A fitted sheet, in fact, fits the mattress perfectly, if it is the right size. It is impossible to think about making a bed, in modern times, where practicality and speed are essential, without a fitted sheet.

Naturally, like all   bedding   , it has to be changed quite frequently and, with each change, it is washed in the washing machine on the white clothes cycle at 40/60 degrees.

It does not always come out of the washing machine without wrinkles that cannot be easily removed, even if it is spread very smoothly on the balcony. Once it finishes drying, someone finds the time to iron it to make the folding operation easier. Storing a well-ironed and folded fitted sheet will save us a lot of space in closets and closets.

However,   ironing is not always possible   due to time constraints and some may even consider it unnecessary. Therefore, below, we will explain an effective way to fold the fitted sheet yourself, without help but above all without ironing. It will only take you two minutes.

fold the leaves

how to fold it

Once the fitted sheet has been washed, hung to dry, or quick dried in the washing machine,   the quick folding process begins. First of all, you must insert your hands into the so-called ears, those on the same side.

Bring the hands in which you had the ears and bring them together. This will tuck the right ear into the left ear so the seams match. Then you will do the same with the other two remaining ears.

Leaning on a   flat surface   , try to iron all the folds with your hands without separating the ears. At this point, he begins to fold the sheet, so that it takes up as little space as possible and respecting the folds you made previously, tucking one flap into the other. If you are going to make three sections, you will take up as little space as possible and end up with a rectangle.


If you practice this method on all the sheets in your closet, especially those with corners, you will not only save space, but you will have ready-to-use, wrinkle-resistant bedding even without using the iron and its board. . Once you try this method, fitted sheets won’t be a problem to store.