The reason why many start hanging aluminum foil on the balcony

Aluminum foil is an essential ally in our kitchens. And yet, it’s not just that. Let’s see why.  Did you know that you can also place aluminum foil on the balcony? The reason will surprise you.

Aluminum foil: what is it for?

A valid ally for preserving food, but also for cooking it without making too much of a mess, aluminum foil is present in all our kitchens. Cheap disposable aluminum foil if missing, you have to get it.

Well, in addition to cooking,   aluminum foil can also be used in other areas,   which makes our work easier, in some cases. For example, have you ever tried putting aluminum foil on your ironing board? Placed between the ironing board cover and the ironing board, the classic aluminum sheet will allow you to iron from one side to the other, without turning the garment, in half the time but with maximum efficiency.

We see another important use of aluminum foil and one that, for some time now, everyone is starting to do. What is it about? Put aluminum foil on the balcony. Why is this done? Keep reading.

 Why put it on the balcony?

As manufactured, aluminum foil can reflect light. This is even more true if it is placed in a place where there is a lot of light or even where the sun hits it directly. Here, aluminum sheets placed on balconies and railings act as   natural repellents   against birds and, in particular, against pigeons.

The latter are very numerous in our cities and, due to the uncontrolled felling of trees and the limitation of green spaces, they have nowhere to lean. Therefore, they are often found on our balconies. Although they are harmless, pigeons get very dirty from their guano. In addition, they could be carriers of a dangerous disease.

For this reason, remedies are sought to keep them as far away as possible from bars, windowsills and balconies. Without spikes or poisons of any kind. In order to keep them away, the aluminum foil remedy may be enough. Let’s consider in detail how to effectively place it on the balcony.

The aluminum foil will deter   pigeons by reflecting light   . To do this, however, it will have to be installed in such a way that it can do so and oscillate at the slightest movement of air. This can be done, for example, by putting together several pieces of aluminum foil and wire, so that they form a very beautiful but above all very effective deterrent.

aluminum foil in the pantry

Therefore, you will need iron wire, nylon rope or thread, copper or aluminum plates, aluminum foil. You will place all the figures that you are going to make on a stick,   with nylon thread. Then hang the resulting harp and wait for it to fulfill its duty.