How to get rid of butterflies from the flour in the pantry

You have everything ready to start kneading pizza or your favorite dessert, you prepare everything you need but when you open the flour container you are met with the unpleasant surprise of finding it chock-full of little black bugs.

These are flour butterflies, unwanted guests that attack this vital ingredient especially during warmer weather, and they don’t seem to go away with anything.

Flour moths, also known as moths or flour moths, can invade our pantry and attack both flour and other ingredients such as sugar or dough.

We usually throw away flour or dough attacked by flour moths, yet there are methods to eliminate them or prevent their arrival.

Bay leaf. Place a fresh bay leaf in each flour container. The bay leaves will keep the flour butterflies away.

Freeze the flour. As soon as you bring the flour home, put it in a freezer bag and freeze it for a week. This will remove the flour butterflies and their eggs. Once removed from the freezer, store the flour in an airtight container.

Vinegar. If you find a container of flour attacked by butterflies, be sure to clean the entire drawer or cupboard thoroughly using vinegar. The smell of vinegar is not tolerated by flour butterflies. Remember to let surfaces dry thoroughly before storing flour again.