How to grow garlic in pots to have an unlimited supply

Garlic is a key ingredient in our gastronomy, and excluding it is almost impossible. Rich in vitamin E, magnesium and selenium, garlic is also one of the foods richest in therapeutic properties.

Few people know that it is possible to grow garlic at home to have an almost unlimited supply. Home-grown garlic is also organic and pesticide free.

To grow garlic at home you only need a head of garlic, a pot about 8 inches deep, and potting soil.

After choosing the garlic head, separate the cloves without removing the skin.

Put the potting soil in the pot, then plant the garlic cloves, pointed side up, at a depth of about 10 centimeters.

Ideally, place the pot near a window. Keep the pot inside the house until the sprouts appear, then you can place it on the balcony as well.

To harvest the garlic you need to wait until the leaves dry out. Pull out the whole plant and dry the bulb in sunlight for a couple of days.