How to propagate sansevieria, the indestructible plant

Sansevieria is one of the most common houseplants, popular mainly because of its tropical appearance and its incredible hardiness, which makes it a truly indestructible plant.

This plant adapts to many different environments and survives water and light deficiency, and in hot or cold climates. Sansevieria is an excellent plant to get some practice with if you are interested in gardening.

Sansevieria is also very easy to propagate. It only takes a few simple steps to multiply sansevieria.

How to multiply sansevieria
Select a healthy sansevieria leaf and cut it with a well-sharpened and disinfected knife. Cut the leaf into two to three centimeter pieces, depending on the amount of plants you want to generate.

Put the cut ends of each leaf into the rooting hormones, following the instructions on the package. This step can be omitted, but the plant will take longer to produce roots.

Insert the cut and treated end into the rooting hormone in the potting soil, to a depth of about 1 centimeter. The plant has been successfully propagated.

Keep the plant moist and in a well-lit place, away from drafts.

The sansevieria will take about a month to form roots. Wait at least two months before transplanting it into its final pot.