How to grow roses from a single stem?

You are a fan of flowers and more particularly beautiful roses but you are tired of buying them every week. Here’s a tip that will save you time and money. We have found an effective way to easily reproduce new roses according to the advice of florist Hadrien Ledoux in Cantal. This technique is called cuttings and will allow you to reproduce at home the flowers that you like most. You risk attracting the most curious looks with the beauty of your roses.
How to take care of a rose?

If you are a rose lover and would like to have climbing or shrub roses in your home, there is a way to create your own rose bush from a single rose stem. Roses are not difficult flowers to care for. These flowers will appreciate deep, fertile and drained soil to facilitate their rooting. Planting ground cover roses, climbing roses or English roses is not complicated. This variety of roses does not require much maintenance, just regular watering and exposure to full sun. Thanks to cuttings, you can preserve it and reproduce one of its species for another part of your garden, for example. These beautiful flowers perfume your exterior with their fresh and fruity scents. Here’s how to take cuttings from a rose bush.

How to plant the same rose bush from a single stem?
rose cuttings

To take cuttings from a rose bush, you must first follow these several steps:

Step 1: Find the perfect location for your plants. Dig a hole about 15cm deep and fill it with sand. The location should be spacious enough so that there are no young rose shoots nearby. Then remove the weeds. In addition, it must be far enough away from a wall or balcony. This location must be exposed to full sun because rose bushes need it for optimal flowering. To successfully prune your rose bush, you can also use a classic planter.

Step 2: Bevel the stems of your flowering shrubs which will be used for cuttings. The stems should be 8 to 10 inches long and should be almost smooth. The thorns must be cut from the part that will be buried.

Step 3: Then dip the stems in water to clean them to remove all impurities and help the rose cuttings.

rose stem cutting

Step 4: Put special cutting soil and sand into the pot. Then plant the stems in the ground about 5 inches from the bottom of the stem.

Step 5: The goal is for the stems not to get too wet. To do this, they must be protected from humidity. They must therefore be kept under glass for fifteen days.

Step 6: Finally, remove the bell when you see roots coming out of the drainage pot. Take cuttings and plant them in the ground.

The secret to a successful cutting is patience. The rooting time for the stems of a rose bush can take several weeks or months. When the first shoots appear, the cuttings are ready. You can then plant the cuttings in their final position to watch your rose bush bloom. This cutting technique can also be used for your houseplants. Simply cut a stem, place it in water and wait for roots to develop.