How to grow plants in water at home? 5 easy steps

Grow Plants in Water in 5 Easy Steps: Let’s explore hydroponics. With new design concepts, offices or public places are often beautifully decorated with large transparent pots containing all kinds of plants. Besides, we generally wonder whether they are fresh or artificial flowers. This is really wrong most of the time. But it’s actually entirely possible to grow real plants in these pots without soil.
aquatic plants

Here are 5 steps to growing plants in water:
Hydroponic materials
This technique involves the use of transparent vases whose dimensions must obviously be compatible with the chosen plant.

You can also get a water level detector, as you should always have plenty of them on hand.

You will need expanded clay, which will completely replace the soil, this is the main feature of hydroponics. You can add granulated fertilizer and some decorative pebbles. Don’t add too much either to give the roots a chance to develop well.

Growing Plants in Water
Almost any plant can benefit from this type of growing, with the exception of some succulents. For example, aloe vera is perfect for hydroponics, as are rosemary, hibiscus and cuttings.

culture hydrophonique

How to grow hydroponically?
Now that we have all the elements to create our magnificent green corner, let’s see how to proceed.

Let’s go step by step:
Add a thin layer of decorative pebbles to the bottom of the vase.
Fill the vase with water, put the expanded clay inside and, if necessary, the fertilizer granules.
The mixture should take up about 2/3 of the pan.
Add the plant, being careful not to damage the roots.
Wash away any remaining soil from the roots with water.
Place the plant in the glass vase you prepared and push the roots with a stick. They will be in the correct position when you attempt to remove the plant from the pot.
Finally, all you have to do is install the plant in the place you prefer to furnish your home!