How to have extra white clothes without using bleach? 4 simple and effective tips

Due to perspiration and wear, white clothing can quickly become damaged by yellowing. Luckily, there are some clever tricks to remove it without using a drop of bleach! These System D techniques are easy to perform and very effective.

Removing a yellow stain from a white garment is no small feat, even by washing it in the machine. One thing is for sure: if you know these formidable methods, you will no longer have to worry about these traces!

What are the tricks to remove yellowing from white clothes without using bleach?

The accumulation of sweat can cause yellow stains on light-colored clothes, especially if they are white. It can also be due to the residue left by your deodorant, which, mixed with perspiration, can cause yellowing. The latter may be stubborn, but  several System D techniques will help you replace bleach , a household product full of chemicals that are bad for the environment and your health.

1. Lemon to remove stains from clothes

Did you know that a citrus fruit can save your yellowing clothes? Used for many other household tasks, lemon is a natural bleaching ingredient.  To remove yellowish stains , you will need to boil a liter of water to which you will have added the juice of two of   these citrus fruits that can clean your entire house . In a bowl, soak your t-shirt or shirt and wait 30 minutes. Rub harder on stubborn marks and rinse. All you have to do is put it in the washing machine.

2. Vinegar to stain clothes

If this trick is very effective it is because  white vinegar is known to be an ecological stain remover . To take advantage of this ingredient, mix half a cup of this acid solution with the same amount of detergent. You can machine wash . If the yellow stains are localized, apply this mixture to these areas and let it sit for 10 minutes. Last step: rinse with cold water.

3. Baking soda against stains

To clean yellow stains permanently, you will need a measuring cap of your washing powder and half a cup  of baking soda . You will have to start by wetting the white garment before mixing all the ingredients in a bowl and adding half a cup of water. Then, soak the fabric, leave it for 20 minutes and rub gently. All you have to do is rinse!

4. Hydrogen peroxide, a formidable anti-stain

This System D method contains more chemical ingredients, but should be used as a last resort. To permanently remove yellow marks from your white clothes, take  one cup of dishwashing liquid , two cups  of hydrogen peroxide , a bowl, a short hair brush and a handful of  baking soda . Mix dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide in the container and apply this preparation to the areas affected by yellowing. For a more powerful action, pour  a generous amount of baking soda on white clothes. After leaving it on for an hour, rub the white clothes, insisting on resistant strokes. Then rinse before machine washing. Drying your clothes in the sun will also give you an extra whitening effect . If this mixture manages to return these textiles to their initial color, it is because the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda have both a stain-removing action and whitening properties that must be taken advantage of. Effective alternatives to bleach that can damage the fibers of your clothes.

How to prevent yellowing of white clothes?

As you may have understood, white clothes turn yellow for two main reasons, perspiration and wear. To combat the damage caused by this first factor, it is a good idea  to choose an anti-stain deodorant  that is easily found in supermarkets. Another habit to prevent this phenomenon is to wash the garment after wearing it. These simple gestures will save you from having to often fight against these unsightly traces.


If these System D tricks work, they can sometimes ruin your linen. To protect against this,  it is essential to read the label  of the latter. Some require dry cleaning or are made with delicate fabrics that would not resist the action of an abrasive product.

One thing is certain: bleach is not always necessary to remove yellow stains. Other ecological or natural products such as lemon can have surprising results on your white clothes. It’s all about knowing how to use them!