Mold on the walls of the house, the quickest and most effective solution to get rid of it immediately

The phenomenon of mold on some walls in the house is something that happened quite frequently. Do you want to know the method to eliminate it quickly and effectively? Here’s what you need to know about it.

There are many reasons why annoying  mold can create on the walls  of some walls in the house. Initially, it can form in the corners of the walls and then spread throughout the ceiling and other specific areas of the walls. Something that, unfortunately, can often have happened to different people.

Especially in single-family homes that are more exposed to wind and rain, it may happen that some walls suffer from this problem every year. The presence of mold on walls, however, can also be present in condos and multi-story apartments.

The first tip we can give to prevent the walls of your home from getting moldy is to open  the windows often  , even in the cold months, to ventilate the room in the best possible way. A stagnation of air, in fact, can worsen the state of things. Moisture  is the element that contributes the most to the formation of mold in the home.

Especially in some rooms, therefore, it is essential  to encourage constant air recirculation  to minimize the risk of mold formation.

In this article, we will let you know  how to get rid of mold from walls  , in case this problem has been clarified. With a few simple movements, you can clean the wall and make the atmosphere in your home shine again. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Do you know the best way to clean moldy walls? Here is the effective and practical solution.

Molds are small microorganisms, belonging to the type of fungi, capable of reproducing quickly in the form of spores  Humidity, as we said, is mold’s main ally. Indoor humidity should never exceed 50-55%  . Beyond this limit, in fact, mold will form almost naturally.

However, it is not only humidity that is the greatest danger for the proliferation of these microorganisms on the walls. Some  technical and structural issues  can also greatly contribute to this problem. We are referring to general thermal insulation that is not exactly ideal, due to  incorrect placement of the thermal layer  .

When buying a house, therefore, it will be good to inform yourself about all the possible problems and defects present. Even a possible  infiltration of rainwater  can be the cause of the presence of stains on the walls and the formation of mold.

Therefore, ventilating the room and solving some structural problems present can minimize the risk of mold formation on the walls of the house. However, if it has come to “visit” you,  here is the simple and easy trick to eliminate it effectively and quickly  .

Remove mold from the walls of your home: here is the foolproof solution

There are some special ingredients on the market that contribute to the elimination of fungi and bacteria from the walls of the house. In fact, there is a  specific bleach  that can be sprayed effectively on the areas affected by this problem. Let’s discover  all the steps to follow scrupulously  .

Mold on the walls

You can use a  regular sprayer  . Inside you will introduce a mixture made up  of 2/3 water and 1/3 anti-mold bleach  , which we told you about a moment ago. Other essential items are a sponge, a bucket of water and gloves. The measurements of water and bleach can be dosed in the best of cases, using a container with the different measurements indicated above.

During cleaning operations, it will be  essential to ventilate the house  and wear  gloves  for your hands. If possible, it will also be advisable to cover the airways. For example, you can use a regular mask.

At this point,  you will spray  the water and bleach mixture all over the moldy area of ​​the wall  . Let it sit for a few minutes. Now you can take a sponge and dip it in a bucket of clean water. By passing the  sponge over the wall full of mold  , you will see that it will disappear quickly and easily.

After each small piece of clean wall, you will always have to clean the sponge better in the bucket of water. You will repeat this movement throughout the wall and you will see that  it is perfectly free of mold again  . For a long time, fungi and bacteria will “leave” your wall.