7 quick tips to keep mosquitoes away from your home

Mosquitoes, what a plague! Every year, these little beasts give us a hard time. Stinging, ringing, etc. They invade us and invite themselves with their share of worries. Fortunately, its presence is not inevitable. It is possible to keep them away from the house without using chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment.

Are you looking for natural and safe mosquito repellents? We have the solution. Gone are the nights spent fighting their annoying sounds and calming the itch they leave behind as memories. If these bugs point with the tip of their nose, be prepared to keep them away from your interior. Without resorting to industrial and chemical-laden insecticides, it is possible to repel insects naturally without contaminating the air you breathe. Discover in this article our selection of the best natural insect repellents to scare away mosquitoes.

To Keep Bugs Out, Start Outside
To keep mosquitoes and other pests away, your first instinct should be to eliminate them from your home. To do this, it is important to pay attention to stagnant water such as small ponds or open tanks that must be emptied frequently. If you have puddles of water in your garden, place one or two goldfish there. These feed on mosquito larvae and can therefore slow down their proliferation. Another reflex to adopt? Place mosquito-repellent plants in your garden. And for good reason, some plants allow you to keep them away effectively. Simply plant them on your windowsills, around your terrace or in your garden. It’s about knowing how to put them in the right place.

What plants to fight mosquitoes?
As you may have understood, to eliminate these pests effectively, it is essential to start from the outside. For this, some plants are very effective. Bonus: they also allow you to beautify your surface.

  1. lemongrass
    Lemongrass is a very effective repellent in the fight against mosquitoes. The reason ? This plant gives off a smell that scares away these insects. And good news: you can easily grow lemongrass in your garden or on your balcony.
  2. basil
    Less known than lemongrass, basil is no less effective. This plant is a mosquito repellent solution natural, accessible and economical. You can grow them in pots that you will place on the balcony or around your terrace or plants in your garden. Another advantage? This plant is a skin repellent and a natural antiseptic that helps soothe itching in case of cuts. Just take a few leaves and rub them on the area.
  3. Geranium
    In addition to giving color to our gardens, geranium is an effective mosquito repellent. To keep insects away from your home, plant them in your garden. The smell of this plant is very similar to lemongrass and also helps scare away mosquitoes and other pests. You can also grow the geranium in pots and place it on the edge of the balcony or terrace to enjoy pleasant evenings outdoors without the risk of being stung.
  4. Lavender
    With its perfume that smells like Provence, lavender not only gives off a pleasant smell but is also an unmatched natural repellent. We love its smell, but mosquitoes hate it! In case of a mosquito bite, you can use lavender leaves as a topical treatment to soothe the itch.
  5. beg
    A plant with multiple uses and benefits, mint is also one of the most effective mosquito repellents. Planted in a pot, it strongly repels these pests from your garden. In addition, mint also has a soothing effect in case of insect bites. Simply crush two or three mint leaves until you obtain a kind of paste and then apply it locally to calm the itch.
  6. Lemon balm
    Known for fighting stress and anxiety, lemon balm is also a 100% natural mosquito repellent. To repel mosquitoes, grow this plant in pots that you will place in your garden or on windowsills. The lemon smell of these plants keeps these pests away.

A trick of coffee grounds to repel mosquitoes
Like the smell of lemongrass, the aroma of ground coffee repels mosquitoes and other insects, especially the tiger mosquito. To keep these pests away as much as possible, the latter no longer needs to land in the trash. Collect the grounds from your coffee maker, let them dry in the sun for a day, and then distribute them in a container that you will place on windowsills and in mosquito-infested areas.

6 more natural tips to combat mosquitoes inside the house

  1. Natural mosquito repellent candles
    For ultra-effective protection against mosquitoes, citronella is at the top of the list of natural repellents. Its smell acts on the nervous system of these pestsand drives them away. In essential oil, repellent spray or lighting a citronella-scented candle to keep them away as much as possible. You can do the latter at home and at a lower cost. To do this you need an empty and clean glass jar, a wick, a double boiler container, wax and citronella essential oil. Start by cutting the wick to the length of your jar. To make it stick to the bottom, use a drop of wax that you are going to melt. Then heat about 200 g of wax flakes in your container in a water bath. When it is completely liquid, pour about twenty drops of citronella essential oil and stir. Pour your preparation into the jar, being careful not to burn yourself.
  2. Avoid standing water
    For effective mosquito control, it is important to pay attention to standing water. Leaks, pipes, containers filled with water, etc. It is essential to go through the house with a fine-toothed comb. And for good reason, stagnant water is the perfect environment for mosquitoes to lay their eggs and accelerate their proliferation.
  3. Essential oils
    Geranium essential oil, mint essential oil or even eucalyptus essential oil are especially effective in the fight against insects. A few drops in a diffuser and you can say goodbye to those little bugs. Mixed with a vegetable oil, these essential oils can act as a topical treatment to soothe itching.
  4. Bat boxes
    Do tiger mosquitoes invade your house? Set bat traps to get rid of them. To make this natural mosquito repellent, you just have to make a box 35 cm high, twice as wide and 5 cm thick. Place it at least two meters off the ground away from light sources to attract these birds that appreciate calm and darkness. They will gladly feed on the insects that nest in your garden.
  5. Romero
    do you barbecue? Place some rosemary leaves on your grill. The smell will keep these parasites away so you can have a good time without being bothered by these pests.
  6. Vinegar
    An ingredient with multiple domestic uses, vinegar has more than one trick up its sleeve and also allows you to kill mosquitoes. To use as a repellent, place a glass of vinegar on the windowsill. The smell is so unpleasant to these bugs that you can be sure they won’t show up.