Very clean floor, how to clean it in 2 minutes without a bucket with the mop method

cloth method

How to always have a clean and sanitized floor? Forget the bucket, the mop method only takes two minutes.

Cleaning the house is a daily action that must be done correctly, especially if the surfaces are frequented by adults with shoes, children who crawl and throw everything on the floor and then four-legged friends. If having a spotless floor becomes a challenge, the cleaning experts explain how to avoid using the bucket and implement the cloth method: in just In two minutes you can have a clean and sanitized surface.

Cloth method, what are the main steps?

The operation that the experts wanted to reveal should be carried out especially in winter, when the climate is humid and the surfaces never dry after washing them. Not only that, when you have very little time between bucketing and drying, you give up on soil hygiene and go back to the weekend.

Before you understand what the fabric method looks like, you need to prepare the floor, which only takes a few minutes. The first step is to take the vacuum cleaner or broom and remove all the accumulated dust, including the corners. Immediately after you have removed the dust and debris from the surface, you can prepare the mixture you will need using the rag method.

The ingredients are:

  • Marseille liquid soap 25 ml
  • Water 750ml
  • Baking soda 25 grams
Sodium bicarbonate
  • Essential oil of your favorite fragrance 5/8 drops.

As we said, the choice is totally free although for floors it would be better to opt for citrus oils such as orange and lemon, or relaxing ones. like lavender and bergamot.

Mix all the ingredients until you obtain a smooth and rich mixture. Pour it into a spray bottle and let it sit for 24 hours. All these ingredients, together, enhance its cleaning and sanitizing action in addition to spreading a pleasant aroma throughout the house.

How to wash the floor without a bucket and only with a mop

Once the 24 hours have passed it is time to put the cloth method into practice. This trick must be done with the help of a microfiber cloth and a flat broom (the classic dust collectors). The cloth should be inserted into the stick and then wrapped around the bottom part dedicated to the mop to wash the floor.

The floor mix prepared the day before is sprayed on the floor, avoiding generous quantities, then wiped and removed. stains.

cloth method

The advantages are many:

  • No water is used, in addition to not wasting it, you will not have to wait for the soil to dry
  • Only natural ingredients are used that sanitize, degrease and clean different dirty areas.
  • You don’t waste time, because in just two minutes you can have a spotless floor.

This is a method to use in winter and when you are in a hurry, testing the substance in a corner of the surface to avoid possible problems.