How to keep scorpions away: all the tips to follow at home

With these tips you will keep them away from your house.

Scorpions   are creatures that can be dangerous. There are more than 2,000 different types of scorpions in the world and some of them can kill a person. However, scorpions found in Italy are not usually dangerous.

You can notice his presence in the house. They are small animals that stay away from light and noise, so they come out mainly at   night   to look for food.

To remove them from our domestic environments, a series of measures can be put into practice  in order to avoid creating  favorable conditions  and therefore attracting them to the   home  .

For this reason, it is not necessary to immediately resort to industrial products that could harm them and the environment.

Let’s see what to do.

  1. Ventilation:   scorpions are animals that prefer humid places, so it is advisable to ventilate domestic environments as much as possible by opening doors and windows for several hours during the day.
  2. Avoid what attracts them:   They love humidity, a major source of attraction for scorpions is water. So try not to leave water in sinks or saucers when you water your plants. In addition, it hunts insects such as spiders and ants that scorpions feed on.
  3. Eliminate hiding places:   If you notice cracks or holes in the walls, it would be advisable to cover and/or close them. In fact, these small dark and humid ravines are the ideal environment for their hiding places.
  4. Insecticide:   if you notice their presence at home and cannot eliminate them in any other way, you can always use natural insecticides to apply to the affected areas, so that the smell keeps them away.