How to keep your washing machine clean with minimal effort

The washing machine has a single purpose to return clean and fragrant clothes: how can it do its job if it turns out to be dirty? This is exactly what we have to take care of, to prevent the dirt that accumulates between the seals from entering our laundry. Here are some useful tricks to keep the washing machine clean with minimal effort.

Choose the right detergent

Do you know that a connection has been found between liquid detergent and mold growth? If you have this type of problem, try choosing a powder detergent.

The seals

The gasket on the washing machine door provides a watertight seal, but also bacteria. To ensure that you always have clean laundry, you need to get into the habit of cleaning it before each wash. This is a matter that has been postponed for a long time and it is becoming more difficult and disgusting to clean it.

Clean the drum

Even if it doesn’t seem dirty, the washing machine drum is: everything collects in the cracks, so it’s good to do a vacuum wash once a month and put a dishwasher tap directly in the drum (yes, you read that right : for dishwashers!). Now carry out a wash cycle at 60°C.

Clean the filter

The washing machine is equipped with a filter that serves to collect everything that the laundry releases during washing, preventing it from entering other parts of the device: periodically it is advisable to clean the filter, which is normally located at the bottom of the front. Before removing it, place a towel on the floor because water may come out. Once this is done, you can unscrew the cap and empty everything out of it. Not only can you get a dose of germs and bacteria removed with this cleaning, you’ll also get cleaner laundry!

Smell of mold

Have you ever opened the washing machine door and been greeted with a terrible smell? This smell is caused by mold caused by moisture and standing water. To eliminate it, leave the door open for a few hours between each wash.