How to make hardening polish for long and strong nails

If you have   weak, rough or cracked nails,   you are probably not taking proper care of them and applying   a  nail polish hardener is essential to restore their strength and restore their original appearance.

Often, nail polish does not last long enough due to weak and cracked nails, so it is important to first apply a hardening polish that can protect the nails   and   at the same time   grow them   .

There are dozens of products on the market in this regard, but another excellent, effective and economical solution is to prepare a DIY enamel hardener yourself    , with exclusively natural ingredients.

The DIY hardening polish that we offer you below is prepared with lemon, garlic and vitamin E.

Lemon has  antioxidant properties   and contains vitamins perfect for strengthening nails and making them less brittle.  Garlic   also promotes nail health, while also having excellent antiseptic properties.

Vitamin   E   , for its part, is essential to prevent nails from wearing out and weakening.

To   prepare DIY nail polish   , you will need:

  • 3 cloves of garlic, peeled
  • 20 drops of lemon juice
  • 1 vitamin E capsule
  • a nail polish

First open the vitamin E capsule and pour the contents into the nail polish. Meanwhile, soak the garlic cloves in hot water for about 15 minutes, then mash them well until they are reduced to a slurry.

Put the drops of garlic and lemon juice in the nail polish container and shake well. DIY hardening nail polish is ready to use.

Apply a small amount to your nails as you would a normal hardening polish. Wait about 15 minutes before applying colored nail polish.