How to plant lemons in pots from seeds

Lemon  is  a fruit native to Asia and grown today throughout the world. Widely used in cooking, it is one of those ingredients that we cannot do without and that is why having a lemon tree at home could be very useful, in addition to being economical.

To  plant lemons  in pots you do not need to have a garden or vegetable patch. However, you need to live in a place with a suitable climate and have a bit of a green thumb. By planting the lemon in a pot it is possible to have a miniature plant, ideal for small spaces.

To plant a lemon, you will need a pot at least 50 centimeters deep. The soil, for its part, must be rich in organic matter and must be well aerated. The use of an organic fertilizer is also recommended.

It is possible to  plant a lemon tree  from seeds, but it will require a lot of patience as it is a fairly lengthy process.

The lemon tree, like all citrus fruits, prefers exposure to direct sunlight for many hours of the day. The ideal climate for this type of tree is Mediterranean. In principle, almost all types of lemon tolerate little frost.

Water the lemon tree only when the topsoil becomes dry, even with your fingertips. One of the first causes of death of lemon trees is excess water, which cannot drain well and ends up “suffocating” the tree itself.