3 tips to make the phalanx bloom all year round

You probably already have one at home, or you have certainly seen it at the homes of relatives or friends or in some office: there is a specific reason why the knuckle (also called ribbon) is so widespread   ,   namely   its  incredible resistance.

The phalanx is undemanding in care, reproduces easily and grows practically everywhere. However,   making the phalanx flower   is a little more complicated and in this article we offer you 3 tips to fill it with magnificent flowers.

This wonderful plant has long, narrow, ribbon-like leaves that grow from a central point. Their color is green with white or yellow lines, and they can easily reach 60 centimeters in height.

Although it is a perennial plant, to make it flower it is necessary to adopt the right care. The   flowers of the phalanx   are white, star-shaped, and arise at the ends of its stems. If you don’t want to miss the   flowering of the phalanx  , follow the three tips that we offer you below.

1. How to water the phalanx to make it bloom

Watering is very important for the health of the phalanx as much as for its flowering. A good degree of humidity in the soil activates the flowering of the phalanx and the abundance of flowers depends on it.