How to polish copper and brass in just a few minutes

Coming into contact with oxygen, metals can change color, which is why their maintenance and cleaning is vital to protect and safeguard them.

In the case of copper , the corrosion process causes an unsightly brown patina. As for brass , however, dirt produces a black patina.

To avoid stains it is possible to adopt simple natural measures, which allow us to have copper and brass pots and objects so shiny that they look like new.

For light and recent stains, simply use warm water and soap . Mix the water with soap and use a sponge to clean the surface. Then dry well with a cotton or microfibre cloth.

Vinegar also helps to effectively eliminate stains. Pour a few drops into water and apply it to metals. Remember to dry well.

One of the most effective methods for cleaning copper and brass is achieved by mixing lemon and salt. Lemon acid is an effective remedy for shallow stains.

To clean copper well, cut a lemon in half and rub it over the entire surface. Afterwards, clean well with a dry cloth.

To clean brass you can use a solution based on water, vinegar, flour and salt. Apply it with a toothbrush and rub well on the surface. Leave to act for 10 minutes, then rinse with water and dry well.