How to polish mirrors and perfume the entire bathroom

If you also like to have your mirrors   always impeccable, without streaks or water stains   , the trick that we offer you in this article will surely come in handy. Having mirrors always clean and shiny gives a touch of elegance to our entire house.

Cleaning   glass   is not easy, especially if you try to avoid using chemicals or ammonia. But to obtain a scratch-free mirror in this way, you can use products that are much less aggressive and affordable for everyone.

Oddly enough,   talcum powder is enough to clean and shine windows   . Keep reading and you will find all the details about this effective method.

To put it into practice, you only need   half a liter of warm water and 2 tablespoons of talcum powder   .

Mix the two ingredients and mix them, taking care to completely dissolve the talcum powder.

Dip a cloth in the water and talcum solution, squeeze it lightly, and wipe it over the mirrors in circular motions.

Finally, use another clean, dry cloth to remove any remaining solution and dry the mirror well.

If you want to stock up on a talcum-based mirror cleaner, pour it into a spray bottle. Remember to shake it well before each use.

If the talcum powder remedy is not enough to clean and shine the crystals,   try making another cleaner   by mixing 250 ml of water, 250 ml of denatured alcohol and 10 drops of lemon essential oil in a bottle fitted with a spray diffuser. .

Spray the solution on the glass and clean well with a microfiber cloth. In addition   to having a very clean mirror, the entire room will have a pleasant lemon aroma   .