How to dry clothes early when it’s raining outside

You’ve already done your laundry, if you’re willing to   hang your clothes on the balcony   , but here it starts to rain and after a few minutes, not even on purpose, the drizzle turns into   a real storm   . Has this happened to you?

There are months of the year, like May and November, when   rain is more frequent   , and drying clothes outdoors becomes a real mission. However, if you don’t know how to dry clothes without having to take them outside, here’s how to do it.

Most people do not have a dryer at home, but it is still possible to dry clothes very early even if we only have the classic dryer available.

Just follow these 5 easy tips   to dry your clothes at home even if it’s raining outside   .


Most washing machines allow you to do a spin-only cycle or have their own more powerful spin option. Adopting one of these methods will allow us to dry clothes much faster.

Choose the correct part

We usually hang clothes in empty rooms or hallways, to have more space and not have the dryer getting in the way. However, this habit is bad. To dry clothes faster, hang them in the bathroom or kitchen (except when you’re cooking, of course). Try to leave space between clothes to allow air to pass through.

Hang the clothes in the morning.

This simple operation allows us to make the most of the sun and heat, especially in summer when the days are longer.

Air out clothes

The wind helps dry clothes. If possible, open a window and position the dryer so that it can receive as much air as possible.

do more washes

This is the least practical trick from an economic point of view, but it responds to a very simple calculation: more washing cycles, less clothes to hang. This will allow us to have more space between one garment and another and thus make them dry faster.