How to wash duvets before storing them

With the arrival of sunny days, it’s time to   put away your quilts for a few months   . Many of us do this without washing them first, only to   be met with unpleasant surprises   when fall arrives, such as an unpleasant smell.

Before   storing the duvets, it is a good habit to wash them   , and we almost always go to the laundry given the large volume of the duvet and the subsequent difficulty in washing it at home.

However, it is enough to follow the proper technique to have   a perfectly clean and scented duvet at home   : below we list the most practical methods.

Before you start, remember that it is always a good idea to read the labels of any type of clothing. Make sure your comforter can be washed in water and in the washing machine. Some comforters, for example, can only be dry cleaned.

Wash the duvet by hand

Although it is not the fastest technique, it is possible to wash the comforter by hand in the bathtub.

Fill the bathtub with warm water, then add 3 tablespoons of baking soda and 200 ml of white wine vinegar. Next, add liquid or flake Castile soap and make sure it dissolves completely.

Submerge the duvet in the bathtub and let it soak for 15-20 minutes before emptying it by lifting the plug.

Repeat the operation at least 3 times, until the water in the tub runs clear.

Wash the duvet in the washing machine.

This method is much faster and less laborious. Shake the quilt to remove excess dust, then check if it can be washed in water and read the washing machine instructions to check the weight capacity.

Add a little liquid Castile soap to the container of your washing machine, then half a cup of baking soda, making sure it dissolves completely.

Run a cold delicate wash cycle. Set the spin cycle at 900 rpm to remove as much water as possible and run at least two rinse cycles to prevent soap from getting trapped between the fibers of the duvet.

Little trick: add two tennis balls to the washing machine cycle so that the duvet filling is even.

How to dry duvets

Whatever type of wash you have chosen, now is the time to let the comforter dry.

Spread it horizontally and, if possible, outdoors but out of direct sunlight. Once spread out, use your hands to evenly distribute the duvet filling: doing so once dry will be much more difficult.

Before storing the duvet, it is advisable to wrap it in a cotton towel to protect it from dust and protect it. Store the duvet in a well-ventilated place.