How to prepare an elixir of youth with flaxseed

Skin care is a priority for so many of us, especially when we start dealing with problems such as wrinkles, skin blemishes and expression lines. There are dozens of rejuvenating products on the market, yet few people know that it is possible to prepare one with simple natural ingredients.

The recipe we suggest below is for a powerful rejuvenating elixir made from flaxseed, an ingredient widely used in cooking but whose cosmetic properties few people know about.

Preparing the remedy is super simple, and you need the following ingredients:

100 ml of pure flaxseed oil

1 clove of garlic

2 lemons

50 grams of bee honey

Peel the garlic and one of the lemons, then chop everything up (both the peeled lemon and the lemon with the peel) and put it in the blender along with the honey and flaxseed oil.

Blend until well blended and without lumps. Store in a glass jar fitted with an airtight seal to keep in the refrigerator.

Take one tablespoon of this rejuvenating flaxseed elixir three times a day, before main meals.

This elixir contains lots of key nutrients to keep your skin healthy and improve its appearance, preventing wrinkles and skin blemishes.