How to quickly clean the balcony with the rain method

The balcony is a very important part of our home , as sometimes it represents the only real way to get air without necessarily having to go out. Not to mention the plants it most likely hosts.

However, being constantly exposed to rain, wind and other external factors, the balcony tends to get dirtier than internal environments , and this is why it should be cleaned frequently. Among other things, it makes no sense to frequently clean the floor of the house if you then leave the balcony dirty: just go out for some fresh air to bring all the dirt inside the house.

Below we share with you what is perhaps the fastest method to clean a balcony thoroughly , that is, using the same rain water .

To put the trick into practice you only need bicarbonate of soda and a good amount of rain .

Bicarbonate has degreasing properties and is slightly abrasive: it is the right ingredient to remove dirt and dust that adhere to the balcony floor.

When it rains, pour additional water on the balcony and then sprinkle baking soda over the entire surface.

Use a brush to scrub well and remove all the dirt, then wait for the rain to do the rest. The rain water will rinse everything, also allowing us to save water.

If the rain water is not enough to rinse everything, there is no other remedy than to use a cloth to collect the residues left on the balcony.

Now that you know how to apply the rain trick you can have a constantly clean balcony with minimal effort.