How to remove black from floor joints

When it is superficial,   cleaning the floor   may seem like a boring job, but it is certainly light. If we talk about a deeper cleaning, which also includes   whitening of the joints   , the situation changes completely.

Dirt, grease and bacteria accumulate in the joints of the floor,  which accumulate over time and cause them to turn black, which is very annoying, especially if the tiles are white or at least light in color.

If you also care a lot about cleaning the floor, you will be happy to know that it is possible   to whiten the joints naturally   and without much effort, and below we suggest the 4 most effective methods in this regard.

Sodium bicarbonate

When combined with water, it is one of the most effective cleaning products on various types of surfaces.

  • Pour the water and baking soda into a bowl and mix until creamy.
  • Use a toothbrush to apply the paste to the joints and let it sit for 5 minutes.
  • Scrub the toothbrush between the joints to remove dirt, then rinse.

Hydrogen peroxide

A product that is part of the first aid kit, but is also very useful for cleaning, disinfecting and whitening the joints.

  • Pour baking soda into the floor grout lines.
  • Add hydrogen peroxide and liquid dish soap.
  • Leave it on for 5 minutes, then scrub well with a toothbrush and rinse.

White vinegar

White vinegar can be used in multiple ways. In addition to cleaning joints well, it is effective against lime and mold.

  • Pour vinegar on the joints.
  • Add a little baking soda.
  • Scrub vigorously with a toothbrush and then rinse.