It is very common to open the dishwasher and notice bad odors , even pungent ones.

In fact, the smell of egg is so intense that it tends to impregnate not only the dishes that come into direct contact with the egg, but also the dishwasher itself.

This is why today we will show you the best tricks to eliminate the smell of egg in the dishwasher and make it immediately clean and fragrant!

Let’s discover them together!

White vinegar

Vinegar is a natural ingredient with a high degreasing and deodorizing power , therefore, it is very effective for absorbing and neutralizing the smell of egg in the dishwasher .


All you have to do, therefore, is add the vinegar directly to the dishes and activate the wash cycle in the dishwasher.

In this way, the vinegar will absorb not only the bad smell present in the dishwasher but also directly on the egg-stained dishes.

If, however, you only want to eliminate the egg smell from the dishwasher , you can place a glass containing white vinegar on the basket of the appliance.

At this point, activate the high temperature vacuum wash cycle .

NB There is a long debate on the use of vinegar in contact with high temperatures, as it seems that its approach is not exactly ecological. Therefore, the ideal would be to prefer alternative methods, first of all citric acid.

Citric acid

A more environmentally friendly alternative to vinegar is citric acid . It has very valid properties, so why not use it to remove the egg smell from dishes in the dishwasher ?

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As effective as vinegar, this compound obtained from citrus fruits is very effective in eliminating bad odors and is a powerful ecological cleaner.

The procedure is very simple: dissolve  150 grams of citric acid in 1 liter of water  and pour the resulting mixture directly into the dishwasher.

At this point, start washing in the dishwasher, always preferring high temperatures and voilà: no more egg smell!

But the qualities of citric acid are not limited to this use!! You can pour a cup of coffee with this solution and you will have your own super effective natural rinse aid . Here are many of its uses in a single video:

Lemon juice

Another remedy that we want to offer you to eliminate the smell of egg from the dishwasher is to use lemon juice.

Lemon, in fact, is not only able to thoroughly degrease surfaces, but also gives an explosion of natural scent.

Then add the lemon juice into a glass and place it in the washing basket or directly on the plates.

Alternatively, you can also directly add half of a lemon , even squeezed so as not to waste!


At this point, run the high temperature wash cycle without load.

Your dishwasher will smell better than ever.

Sodium bicarbonate

Finally, the much loved bicarbonate of soda could not be missing , which, thanks to its anti-odor function, is very effective in eliminating the smell of egg .

To apply this remedy, all you have to do is sprinkle the dishwasher with baking soda and run the vacuum on high temperature.

Also in this case, you can choose to wash empty or distribute the bicarbonate directly on the dishes.

How to perfume dishes in the dishwasher?

You can perfume dishes in the dishwasher by simply inserting a squeezed and seeded lemon into the basket.

How to do a vacuum wash to clean the dishwasher?

The best vacuum wash for your dishwasher should be at high temperatures. Before starting it, pour a solution of 150 g of citric acid dissolved in 1 liter of water.

What is dishwasher salt used for?

Salt is used to regulate the hardness of the water, so as to always have efficient performance and shiny dishes.

What happens if you don’t put salt in the dishwasher?

Not putting salt in the dishwasher compromises its functioning, both in terms of performance and maintenance.