How to remove scratches from wood with a walnut.

We all have a favorite piece of wooden furniture, perhaps old and with which we associate wonderful memories. And many of us have noticed how, despite proper maintenance and protection, wooden furniture surfaces are vulnerable to scratches and other similar damage.

The good news is that most scratches on wooden furniture can be repaired without using specific or even professional products. Below we explain   how to repair scratches on wooden furniture at home   .

The emergency remedy: use a walnut

Oddly enough, simply cut a walnut in half and lightly rub it on the scratch to fix it quickly.

The oils and nut pulp will begin to apply and “melt” onto the scratch, covering it completely and making it almost imperceptible.

Another emergency remedy is to use wax, which is applied with a not too aggressive steel sponge. The sponge rubs in the same direction as the grain of the wood, completely covering the scratch. Let the wax dry before cleaning the surface.

How to polish wood with walnuts

It is also possible to take advantage of this wonderful property of walnut to   polish wood surfaces   .

Grab a handful of walnuts and peel them, making sure to clean the kernels as well. Place the nuts in a clean cloth to make a kind of bag, then use a mortar and pestle to crush the nuts well.

After a few minutes, the nuts will have released their oils that will be absorbed by the cloth.

Then use the cloth to polish the surface of the wood. You can also leave the nuts inside, the important thing is that the oils released by the nuts come into contact with the wood, and that you do not force yourself to prevent the nuts from scratching the wood.

If wooden surfaces are duller

This method takes a little more time but is especially effective for   dull wood surfaces   .

Grind the nuts again in a mortar, then put them in a container and add two tablespoons of pure alcohol and two glasses of hot water. Let soak for 10 days.

Mix the solution and store it in a glass bottle. Walnut oil is ready!

To use it, simply apply a few drops to the wood and use a cotton cloth to clean and polish the entire surface of the dull wood.