Wool sweaters are certainly among the garments that we love to wear most in winter because they make us feel comforted in a sensation of reassuring warmth .

However, often, they could be so heavy that they make us sweat a little more and that smell of sweat could soak into the fibers so much that it doesn’t even go away when washed.

For this reason, today we will see together how to remove the smell of sweat from wool sweaters with these remedies!

Marseille soap

First of all, let’s see how to use one of the homemade and natural ingredients best known for its inebriating scent : Marseille soap , used by our grandmothers to have impeccable laundry!

Since we always recommend washing wool sweaters by hand to avoid damaging them and fraying them, we suggest pouring a spoonful of Marseille soap flakes into a basin containing warm water and mixing.

Then, soak the sweaters for a few hours before rubbing, especially in the areas of the fabric where the bad smell is most concentrated.

Finally, proceed with rinsing or washing by hand or in the washing machine.

Sodium bicarbonate

Another very effective ingredient is bicarbonate, which is able to neutralize bad odors . Not surprisingly, it is also used to remove the smell of humidity in the house!

Then pour 4 tablespoons of bicarbonate into a basin containing 1 liter of  cold water  and then immerse your sweater to soak overnight.

The next day, rinse it and proceed with the usual washing in order to give it a good smell .

Regarding drying, we remind you to place the sweater on a horizontal surface so as not to deform it.

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After bicarbonate of soda and Marseille soap, vinegar could not be missing , which not only is able to neutralize bad odors, but also naturally softens your clothes!

You will therefore have to add half a glass of vinegar into a basin containing water and leave the woolen items to soak in the solution thus obtained for  at least an hour or even overnight .

The vinegar will also help to eliminate any detergent residues settled between the fibres, so you can also use it as a final rinse.

As an alternative to this remedy, you can also  soak a cloth in vinegar  and dab directly on the area of ​​the head where the bad smell of sweat is impregnated, such as the  sub-axillary area . Leave the cloth to act for a while, then proceed with  ordinary hand washing.


After bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and Marseille soap, can we not fail to mention the well-known lemon , the citrus fruit with an intoxicating scent capable of bringing a good smell even into the house?

You will therefore have to pour the juice of three lemons into a basin containing cold water and then immerse your sweaters for about 30 minutes .

After that, rinse the garment and proceed with drying.

Coarse salt

Finally, let’s see one last ingredient always known for its absorbent properties:  coarse salt . In fact, we remind you that it is also used to make a  DIY dehumidifier!

Also in this case, therefore, pour  4 tablespoons of coarse salt into a basin containing cold water and then immerse the item of wool to be washed  inside .

Then, rub delicately on the part of the garment where the bad smell of sweat is most impregnated and rinse.

How to fold sweaters

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