How to remove woodworms from your furniture with these simple natural tips

Wooden Furniture We are known here for its charm and elegance . Unfortunately, they are also a problem: woodworm . These insects are considered xylophagous , that is, they feed on wood and lay their eggs so mainly in furniture or drawers, mainly leaving holes.

Luckily, we have good news: you no longer have to worry about woodworms in your wooden furniture because there are natural and homemade tips to keep them away! Discover them together!

White vinegar and lemon
The first tip we recommend is using two ingredients (that you probably already have in your pantry): white vinegar and lemon juice, white, both of which are useful for keeping woodworms away from your furniture.

Simply add a glass of white vinegar and half a glass of lemon juice to a liter of l’au and dip a sponge into the resulting mixture.

Run it several times on the non-sharp side over your wooden furniture and fact: the disinfectant effect of the lemon and the hideous vinegar effect make all the woodworms disappear!

Another very effective tip is lavender , a plant whose pleasant and intoxicating smell is known but is hardly appreciated by woodworms.

Then put fresh lavender flowers in a cotton or linen bag and place them in your wooden furniture so that the scent of lavender spreads .

Alternatively, you can also dilute 10 drops of lavender essential oil in a glass of Eau, fill the resulting mixture in a spray bottle and spray into the cupboard to finally say goodbye to woodworms!

If you think that “iron” is an ingredient that cannot season your dishes, you are completely mistaken because it is a natural ingredient very effective against woodworms. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s perfect for keeping insects away on the balcony!

All you need to do is rub a few nails on furniture and leave some after putting them in a cotton bag.

Cinnamon and bay leaf
Cinnamon and bay leaves They are known for their smell. This is actually not an accident, which is often used regularly to perfume our homes. However, woodworms hate their smell, so they make excellent natural repellents!

Just take some ground cinnamon and dried bay leaves and pack them in small cotton bags . Then place them in the woodworm infested furniture and that’s it: woodworms will be nothing more than a bad memory!

Citrus peels
In addition to lemon combined with vinegar, you can also use the skin of Adruses , which gives off an intoxicating scent, a real delight for our senses! To use them against the woodworms , let it be lemon or simply peel the dry orange in the sun and cut it into small pieces. Then put them in a closed group cotton bag and put them in the furniture: they smell and there are no more traces of woodworms!

Finally, find some slightly stronger advice that you can try if the other techniques don’t seem to be working. What is it about ? Burning spirit , which is not purely natural, but it is always an ecological remedy.

Soak a few cotton balls in alcohol and spread it over the entire surface of the infested furniture to clean and disinfect. Then fill a plastic syringe or a pipette with fine high holes with “alcohol so that” you enter the internal tunnels dug by the woodworms and remove larva and eggs directly.

Note: Burning spirit can be an aggressive substance for wood. If you decide to use it, note that discoloration may occur, especially if the wood has been treated with varnishes.

The natural advice offered is useful and very effective. However, if you have an advanced woodworm infestation, we recommend that you contact experts.