Optimal washing temperature of towels to keep them soft

If your towels become rough and hard over time, you are probably using fabric softener and laundry detergent. Some people like fluffy and soft towels, others prefer their difficult feel. Let’s find together the best tips to keep your towels soft.

How do you keep your towels always soft?
Many people don’t know this, but it’s the buildup from detergent and fabric softener that makes towels rough. They cover the fibers and prevent the towels from absorbing the eau.

Some people believe that warm washing and plenty of softening help keep towels soft. However, it is possible that this will lead to the opposite result.

To restore the softness of your towels, all you need to do is use a cup of white vinegar every two weeks.

You can also do without softening, but it is also important to consider the temperature of washing towels. In fact, you must read the instructions on the label before starting the machine cycle. The ideal temperature for towels is between 30 and 40°C as this protects the fibers and kills bacteria.

In the winter, many people use the dryer to dry their towels, but these can become rough due to the heat generated by the machine. Dry your towels using a drying rack. Once the towels are dry, you will need to gently shake them to loosen the fibers.